Delicious Dalmatian food you just have to try

Visit Camping Village Šimuni and explore all of the wonderful flavours of Dalmatia.

Croatian and Dalmatian cuisines are full of majestic dishes and flavours that will leave you speechless. Here are some of the traditional delicacies you can try when you come to Pag.

Dalmatian prosciutto and Pag cheese

Dalmatian prosciutto and Pag cheese, which has been named one of the finest cheese in the world, are Croatia’s most delicious appetizers, and when paired with a glass of local wine, they turn into a masterpiece on a plate. You can try this delicacies in camp Šimuni’s Mali raj restaurant, but you can also see firsthand how Pag cheese is produced because the cheese factory is located just a couple of kilometers from the camp.

Grilled fish

When you come to Dalmatia, freshly caught grilled fish is the thing you have to try. Whether it’s tuna, sardines, hake or mackerels, you will absolutely enjoy it. You don’t even need additional ingredients, just sprinkle them with a little olive oil when they’re done and you’re all set!


Brudet is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Dalmatia. It’s basically a fish stew, but there are countless ways to prepare it, as every family in Dalmatia adds its own special touch to the basic recipe. To make brudet, you essentially just have to stew fish with onions, tomato sauce and spices for a few hours, and then serve it with polenta.


If you want to try something without meat or fish, soparnik is just the thing you’re looking for. Soparnik is not just a delicious pie filled with chard, it is also a part of intangible Croatian heritage. This traditional dish is so popular that Dalmatian families have annual contests to determine who makes the best one.

Black risotto

Black risotto is a staple of every restaurant and tavern in Dalmatia. It consists of rice with squid, mussels, clams and a variety of other shellfish. The dish is extremely simple to prepare, but the flavours and that deep black color that comes from squid’s ink make it really stand out.


In Dalmatia, buzara is one of the most popular and one of the simplest ways to prepare seafood. Just add your ingredients to the pot, put in some white wine, garlic and parsley, and let it cook. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing shellfish or mussels or even shrimp, just put everything in, stir from time to time and you’ll have a delicious dish on your table in no time.

Pro tip: buzara is always eaten with hands.

Octopus under the bell

This traditional dish is one of the most delicious seafood delicacies in Croatia. Although octopus with potatoes and herbs doesn’t sound too special, when you put them all under an iron bell (or as the people from Dalmatia would say “peka”) and cover it with hot coal, these ingredients turn into gastronomic art.


If you want to try something really extraordinary while you’re on Pag, that means you want to try pašticada. This traditional beef dish is reserved only for the most special occasions because it takes hours to prepare, but all that waiting fully pays off because the taste of pašticada is otherworldly.


Delicious Dalmatian food is only one of the things waiting for you in the restaurants of Camping Village Šimuni. If you want to discover all of the others, book your perfect vacation!

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