The most popular card games in 2021 for a perfect camping game night

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Can any camping trip with friends or family go without playing cards? We don't think so!

Camping is always a good opportunity for board games and card games. If you are camping in the summer, you can spend your evenings on the beach, around a campfire, or simply anywhere in nature playing cards with people you like to have fun with. Because you have a lot of free time during camping (and, of course, need a mandatory rest after lunch or swimming) a deck of cards is a must-have in every backpack. Read on to find out the most popular ones on the market today!

Black Peter

You probably know of this one, since it’s a very famous game that almost everyone loved as a child! This classic is designed for two or more players and is the perfect form of entertainment for the whole family, especially if there are a lot of you. The more people, the more fun the game is! The game lasts until one player is left with the Black Peter card in his hand.

Giant UNO cards

Everyone is familiar with the Uno game, but not everyone knows that the same brand made Giant Uno family cards. The famous four-color card game is the perfect choice for anyone over 7. Also, anyone who has already played Uno knows it’s tough to quit — once you start playing, better be ready for a couple of rounds!

Exploding kittens

This exciting game is designed for two to five players, and one round lasts an average of 15 minutes. But if you go camping with your kids, maybe choose another game, as this one is designed for people over 18.

Whichever type of card game you choose for your camping trip — you won’t go wrong. So explore the offer of cards that are currently popular in the world, find yourself a couple of players and have fun with your camping buddies!

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