Fresh Adriatic fish grilled in Dalmatian style: must try Croatian local food

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Simple, delicious and fresh from the Adriatic — you have to try it!

Fish grill is a staple in the world of Croatian seafood recipes. Here, Adriatic fish is sourced daily, so you can count on its high quality and fresh taste. 

The most popular fish for grilling are sea bass and gilt-poll side, with potatoes and swiss chard as side dishes. Besides the fish, the most important ingredient is olive oil, because you use it both on the grill and the fish.

So, how do you grill a fish the Dalmatian way?

First, you gut and clean the fish, dry it, season it with salt and pepper and wash over with olive oil. Then you put the fish on a hot grill which you previously smeared with olive oil and let it cook. Use a rosemary branch to apply olive oil on the fish as it grills. Sounds pretty easy, but there are many traps this easy-looking dish can serve.

There are many tips and tricks for achieving the perfect fish grill, here are a few crucial ones.

Don’t overgrill

Believe it or not, grilling takes only a few minutes, depending on the size of the fish.

For example, a gilt-poll weighing 250 grams will take 15 minutes, and a sardine will take 5 minutes. Overgrilling a fish can kill all that juicy fresh taste, so be careful.

Don’t center fish on the grill

Place the fish more towards the corners of your grill because its center is the hottest. This way you avoid burning the fish. 

Olive oil is your friend

The worst that can happen is that the fish sticks to your grill. You can prevent this by smearing it in olive oil before putting it on the grill. 

Be very gentle

Cooked, grilled or poached, fish meat is prone to breaking down into pieces. When turning it over on your grill, use two spatulas and be very careful not to break it apart.

The marinade 

Mix lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary to sprinkle the fish after it’s done. Trust us, it will bring all the flavor of the Mediterranean and you will reap the benefits of this healthy cuisine.

If all this is a bit much, but you still want to try this traditional dish, our Camp has experienced chefs who know how to grill a fish to perfection. If you’re interested in how chefs prepare seafood, we offer demonstrations on the deck of restaurant Mali Raj, every Friday during July and August. For those who want to learn it all, there are organised fishing trips where you can see how the fish is sourced right from the sea. 

Book your spot in Camping Village Šimuni today and treat yourself to the best of Croatian seafood! 

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