Why camping is good for you and the kids

Tips & tricks

If you’re wondering why you should go camping, read our list of amazing camping benefits for you and your family!

Although it requires a bit of equipment and free time, camping is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have children, time spent in the great outdoors can be highly beneficial for all of you and, with a bit of planning and smart tips, new parents can even take their baby on a nature adventure. 

Here are just a few reasons why camping is good for both you and your kids!

Health benefits of camping

Camping fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. It includes physical activity and fresh air far away from the pollution of urban areas. This reduces oxidative stress and also balances out your dopamine levels — which means less stress

Having enough vitamin D will also make you happier and healthier, which is just one of the reasons to go camping during sunny weather.

Not only is it healthy, but camping is also an inclusive activity everyone can participate in. If you’re afraid that a certain handicap might be an obstacle, read our tips on how to make camping trips possible for people with disabilities.

Bonding time

Between work, house chores, children’s school duties and extracurricular activities, a family can easily fall into the modern trap of not spending enough time together. 

If you’ve realized that you hardly see your kids during the week, think about starting a new family tradition — weekend camping trips! Building tents, making food and talking around the campfire are all great ways to spend some quality time with the ones you love most.

Developing important life skills

Camping skills such as building a tent, cooking on a camping stove, using a map and compass, staying safe in various weather conditions and knowing how to use a first aid kit are all valuable things to know in life

Learning them from a young age is great, but it’s equally beneficial to pick up those skills when you’re an adult. In conclusion, it’s never too late to start camping!

Getting out of the house

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time indoors, as do adults, and getting back in touch with nature is truly one of the best benefits of camping. Sure, the young adults in your family might dislike camping and mumble about “what is the point of camping”, “why do people even like camping”, but those classic teenage outbursts will probably stop once they actually try it. They will realize that nature is fun and relaxing, even without computers or video games!

Planning and creativity

When done right, camping includes making detailed plans for your trip. This improves organisational and strategic planning skills, and will also instil your children a sense of responsibility. They will also learn how to think creatively and handle unexpected situations that can arise in nature. Last, but not least, they will learn how to play without their usual toys and technology. With a bit of imagination, even a wooden stick can be a toy.

Now that you know all the reasons to go on a camping trip, start deciding on places for future outdoor adventures with your family!