Why is off-season the best time to visit Croatia?


Off-season travel has so many perks: less traffic jams, lovely weather and plenty to do!

If you’re really looking to get to know Croatia, off-season is the best time. During high season, everything is geared towards tourists, but off-season offers the chance to get to know a more laidback, everyday Croatia and its people.

If you’re worried that off-season means there are no activities or events, stop your worrying. The fun has no seasonal expiration date, there is so much to do, see and explore in Dalmatia! You can visit Dalmatian towns, national parks, try out wild river rafting, take a cruise around the islands, go fishing, or try out a new adrenaline-inducing activity!

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Off-season is the best time to visit Croatia if you’re a fan of sunny weather, but not of high temperatures that go along with peak summer weather. Dalmatia has 2600 sunny hours a year and a mild mediterranean climate, so off-season average temperatures are more than enjoyable, with May 21-25°C, peak temperatures in June at 28°C and October average temperatures 18-23°C.

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The off-season is on, book your vacation now!

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